You Have Made A Smart Choice In Purchasing Pixal 2.022

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Now How Would You Like To Add Those Amazing Graphics On Any Page? First I wanted to say you have made a very smart choice in purchasing Pixal 2.022 you have the ability to create show stopping graphics that will stop your users in their tracks! But how would you like to take this to a whole new level. And unlock the pro version of Pixal 2.022…what does the pro version include? 

Well first and foremost it unlocks everything inside pixal with the banners.

  • Build unlimited campaigns
  • Create unlimited graphics
  • 250 more standard templates added
  • More stock media added

But wait, that’s not the best part of the pro version.

How would you like to add your creations anywhere

and when I say anywhere I mean anywhere! How about as an exit pop? Think of how exciting Pixal 2.022 will make your exit pop’s, you can create a fully interactive exit pop that anyone exiting your sites will have to take notice of.

No one will ignore those exit pops!

You can embed your graphics on any site you want just add the link to our system then it will share a replica of the site with your Pixal 2.022 graphics added. Perfect way to get brand exposure to your graphics.

With our onboard tracking system you can see how well your graphics and embeds are doing you can even split test them against each other.

You can also add multiple interactive graphics to any embed and see which gets the most clicks and engagement. Then with our tracking system you can get rid of the ones that are not performing well.

So What does pixal pro overlay app do?

Well imagine you have created an interactive graphic it could be anything from a 3D leaderboard to a spinning 3D cube. They look amazing and instantly catch the visitor's eye. But what if you could overlay the same interactive creation over someone else's page?

So find an article, blog post, video or anything that is viral and being shared in your niche add over one of the amazing Pixal creations and you will instantly see an increase in engagement in your product or site.

There are many uses for this.

We own our own beauty company and here is a great article on bath bombs

Very well written and an authority on the most loved bath bombs, so if we shared this article with our beauty audiences it would be read and shared. Now what if we used the Pixal Evolution overlay and added a shopify direct button with an ad for our own bath bombs? The ad may say something like “claim 50% off with our special offer here” with a direct link to the shopify cart for our store.

Now imagine the click thru rate on that, the user is reading an article from an authority site on bath bombs and our interactive ad pops over the top and showcases our own special offers claiming it to be the most loved bath bomb package.


On the advert there is a button that takes the viewer directly to the shopify cart bypassing the whole selling process.

The article is almost acting as the copy for your product as it is bypassing the actual shopify site and leading directly to the shopify cart.

We already know they are interested in looking at bath bombs, they are reading a authority article on the subject.

 The same site (or so they think) is recommending the current best offer for bath bombs to buy. 

The same site is giving you a direct link to buy, from article to cart...think of the conversions this type of advertising brings in.

This has so many uses once you start

to experience the power of overlay app coupled with the power of Pixal Pro

Maybe you are in the dieting arena...simply add the overlay to the top dieting sites, we know this has been done before BUT when you couple that with the power of Pixal Pro then you can BLOW UP your conversions and engagement. 

Our interactive banners and graphics allow you to create graphics that will overlay on authority sites not only will they increase clicks but they will help with sales and leads.

Breaking News...

The overlay system now works with mobile sites so our overlay system will work when your viewers look at the sites you overlay on a mobile device. Think of the implications of this....

56.5% only login to facebook using a mobile device. So think of all the Facebook readers looking at the content you are sharing on a mobile device...

You share a responsive piece of mobile content overlay it with one of our amazing mobile banners and watch your clicks and engagement soar.

Think of the multiple ways you can use this to drive even more engagement. Our overlay and embed system means that you can add your graphics and banners wherever you want to create…

Maximum Clicks and Engagement

Do not delay lock in this very special addition today and start creating more clicks and engagement than you could ever imagine.

Pixal Pro Unlimited

I want you to take the next 30 days

and put Pixal 2.022 Pro through the full ringer. And if after doing so for the next 30 days after your purchase - you don't agree that this is the best offer we'll issue you a prompt and courteous refund no questions asked. Plus, we'll let you keep the fast action bonuses as our way of saying thanks.
So now you have nothing to worry about. We're taking on all the risk while you reap all the rewards.

Pixal Pro Unlimited