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Your Access Is Unlocked By Pincode Which Has Been Sent To Your Email Please Watch The Video Aboove

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Please use the email that your used to purchase Pixal with and register here.

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Here are your bonuses that come with the purchase of Pixal

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Please find the link to the support site and issues please send a support ticket

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Thank You For Purchasing The Reseller Access Please Watch The Video And It Will Get Your Started On The Right Way To Start Using The Reseller Section.

You Must Sign Up For Your Affiliate Links Below.

Sign Up Front End Version

Sign Up Pro Version

Sign Up Template Version

Sign Up Agency Version

Watch the video on the page this will tell you how
to add in the pin codes below and also watch the
video on setting up the resellers.

Your Pin Codes:
For Pro Version Level 4456
For Template Version 5676
For Agency Version 1239

Go to settings on the Pixal dashboard and enter in
your pin codes.

Video One: First Sign Up For The Affiliate Links

Sign up for the affiliate links for each section. Then you need to add these inside the system.

Video Two: Add The Affiliate Links In The System

Take your affiliate links and add them into the system as the video above shows you.

Video Three: Collecting The Leads

Collecting the leads that are generated by giving away the app.

Video Four: Marketing and Reseller Pack

Marketing and reseller pack will be live here on the 6th. The program offically launches at midnight EST on the 5th and on the 6th all materials will start to be added

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