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We would like to show you a very special deal before you go through the funnel for Pixal, this amazing offer gives you all the extras that will make your Pixal 2.022 purchase even better with this one very special bundle deal…

Plus This Includes The 100% Reseller Version That Is Not Available Anywhere Else In The Funnel!

Let Me Introduce You To
Pixal 2.022 Access All Areas PLUS

This offer is only going to appear once on this page. So make no mistake if you don’t pick this up right here and now then it will be gone for good!  If you purchase this special deal, then there is nothing else to do, we will take you directly to the Pixal 2.022 dashboard where you will have every part of Pixal + all the upgrades already unlocked and ready to use (Access All Areas PLUS or AAA+)

Includes The 100% Reseller

The first extra included in the AAA+ is 

Pixal overlay 2.022

This addon will allow you to add your Pixal graphics that you create anywhere you want… Our unique overlay system will allow you to…

  • Add your graphics as pop-ups to any page
  • Overlay the graphics on any page
  • Overlay video banners and much more

Plus it includes our new split testing system

Right now in the funnel you will need to pay $67 for this extra feature AND after the launch period is over, the price will rise exponentially for this amazing addon feature. BUT as part of the special bundle deal you can get this for a very special discounted price today…

Next in the AAA+ deal we have the

premium templates

This addon will give you access to our premium templates for the premium HTML5 banners. There are lots of different niches to start with for each separate premium template…


Make Money Online

Well Being



And Many More

These come in every premium banner style

If you decide to grab this in the funnel, you will need to pay $97…

foldable banner

filmstrip banner

Billboard banner

Floating banner

Expandable banner

Rollover banner

Anchor banner

Scratch banner

Swiper banner

Carousel banner

Carousel banner

The 3rd part of the special Access All Areas Plus deal is our

full agency module addon

This is not your normal agency upgrade but a full agency system where you can add your clients and assign the work directly to the client.

You can assign the graphics work, banners and premium banners that you create directly to that client. You can even set up campaigns for that client. You will get…

Full Agency Access

Agency Marketing Materials

Agency Website

If you wait to grab this option in the funnel, it is very well priced for you BUT you will need to pay $147 for this amazing addon. So in total…


Pro Version


Template Version


Agency Version

Bringing you a total spend of $311… So Today With This Deal

You Will Save Over $100+!

But Wait There Is Even More! We Did Call This AAA+

...of course you get access to ALL the upgrades but you also get an extra add-on that isn’t available anywhere else which is our PLUS…

We wanted to make this even more useful and a total no brainer just for action takers, so if you lock in this deal today we are also going to give you something that is NOT available anywhere else in the funnel.

Pixal 2.022 100% Reseller Add-on

Now before you think this is just another normal reseller, a big word of warning IT’S NOT!

This gives you 100% resellers to all parts of the funnel AND the reseller module itself that is actually built into the Pixal dashboard then gives you 100% control of it.

It also includes the ability to giveaway a timed version of Pixal which is locked for 5 days for the free user, you collect the email and get paid for every single upgrade of purchase they make at 100%

Here is how that works…

Step 1

Create your giveaway link for Pixal, just use our marketing material to give it away and start collecting the leads instantly.

You can export any lead that signs up for the five day trial download directly.

Step 2

After five days the system locks down for the user, and to get access to any graphics or campaigns they have created they must then sign subscribe, and yes, you get paid 100% through your own affiliate link.

Step 3

If the user unlocks any part of the funnel (pro, templates or agency) then you get paid 100%. All these sections are built into the system; the unlock link is YOUR affiliate link!

Giveaway Pixal Collect The Leads And Get Paid! 

Everything inside is done on

complete autopilot

All you need to do is give away Pixal 2.022 with a trial and for the five days all the basic functions of Pixal 2.022 are unlocked. This is a complete DFY reseller add-on and comes complete with a full Pixal 2.022 reseller marketing pack. Pack includes…

  • Social Media Graphics
  • Banners
  • HTML5 Banners
  • Premium HTML5 Banner
  • Reseller Training

So make no mistake, if you don’t take this deal up here and now, you will not see it anywhere else in the funnel.

This means that the reseller add-on is not available anywhere else in the funnel either. So you will miss out on reselling Pixal 2.022 and keeping 100% of the income.


So Here Is What You Can Get Today...

  • Pixal Overlay 2.022 Worth $67
  • Pixal 2.022 Templates Worth $97
  • Pixal 2.022 Agency Worth $147 
  • Pixal 2.022 Reseller Worth $297

Total Cost $608 But Today Lock That In For $247 Saving $361...

Save $50 Use This Coupon aaa50

Pixal Access All Areas

We are so confident

that Pixal is just what your business needs, that we want you to take the next 30 days, and put Pixal 2.022 Access All Areas Plus through the full ringer.

And if after doing so over the next 30 days after your purchase - you don't agree that this is the best offer, we'll issue you a prompt and courteous refund with no questions asked.

So now you know you have nothing to worry about, what are you waiting for?We will happily take on all the risk, while you...

reap all the rewards

Total Cost $608 But Today Lock That In For $247 Saving $361...

Pixal Access All Areas

Save $50 Use This Coupon aaa50

And Claim The 100% Resellers...